Adult Golf Specific Fitness Classes

  • This group training class combine golf fitness training, functional exercise, speed/strength training and power training to supercharge your body for golf in a group enviroment.
  • Classes range from 6-12 people doing golf specific workout.
  • Group training is a fun and total body workout addressing the major components of golf:  agility, strength, power, flexibility, and endurance.
  • All levels welcomed.
  • Classes held at Braelinn Sports Club 

Golf Specific Personal Training

  • Customized to the individual and combine Golf Fitness training, functional exercise, flexibility.  Assess imbalances and dysfunction that is inhibiting biomechanics - meaning WHY your game can not get better 


'Foursome' Small Group Training

This is a small group training class for 4 people doing golf specific circuit workout while benefiting from instruction given in small classes.

  • training focused on core stability, strength and explosiveness that is needed to create a powerful repeatable golf swing
  • promotes muscle strength, balance, flexiblity, speed throughtout your body